Organization for Social Impact and Assessment (OSIA) Trust organization

India is an agricultural country and a major part of its population here depends on agricultural income. Farmers’ income is decreasing day by day, hence increasing income from agriculture is becoming a challenge. On one hand, the cost of agriculture is increasing and on the other hand, agricultural productivity is decreasing. Farmers have to invest a huge amount of money to purchase seeds, fertilizers and pesticides from the market. Dependence on various types of agricultural machines is increasing. Agriculture sector is also not untouched by the shortage of workers, in such a situation, increasing the income of farmers. has become a challenge

Organization for Social Impact and Assessment (OSIA) is making various efforts with the farmers to increase their agricultural productivity. It’s providing training and assistance to the farmers regarding modern technology used in agriculture. In this sequence, the organization also  providing chemical fertilizers to the farmers. The work is encouraging the use of cow dung and is also encouraging the use of available cow dung manure Agriculture is providing training and technology regarding making and using earthworm manure to improve the quality of soil. They are also ensuring their role in the selection of suitable seeds in relation to the use of water in agriculture.