Water Conservation

Organization for Social Impact and Assessment (OSIA) Trust organization

 In India water is mostly utilized for irrigation followed by domestic purpose and industrial usage. While only 68% of 149 million hectares of cultivable land are under irrigation. Due to uneven sprawling of cities and concomitant concretization and plugging of storm water drains there is paucity in downward filtration of water.  As a result, there has been a stark decline in both the quality and quantity of pond water. Now It becomes essential to conserve this precious resource.

per capita water availability is falling rapidly, Water Resources Minister Gajendra Singh Shekawat pointed out that India only conserves 8 % of rainwater. “We need to make conservation a people’s initiative.

As Water conservation is an important issue which if neglected can lead to water scarcity in 40% of India’s major cities by 2030 Organization for Social Impact & Assessment (OSIA) Trust – is playing a great role   in making people aware, especially to involve village bodies, voluntary groups, students and engineers in a community-based effort to revive traditional water bodies such as ponds and lakes that helped conserve rain water which were lying dry for the years.