OSIA Trust – An Ideal Social Platform

OSIA Trust  provides a unique opportunity for students to get firsthand experience of social initiatives by involving them in its social campaigns. Students can be involved in these activities as per their convenience.

What OSIA Trust  offers to Students?

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Internship Registration

    1. School StudentCollege StudentWorking professionalHome makerRetired individualOther
    2. Virtually onlyOffline onlyBoth are possibleOther
    3. Only on weekendsOnly on weekdaysFlexiblyOther
    4. Less than a month1-3 months3-6 monthsMore than 6 monthsDepends on how engaging the activity isOther
    5. I want to learn something about NGOsI have skills that I can shareI need to do this as part of my course requirementsI want to meet other like minded peopleI want to experience the impact I can haveI have time and I can spend this usefullyOther
    6. Allows me to interact with many peopleI can do by myselfI am not sureOther
    7. An extroverted personAn introverted personI am not sureOther