Women empowerment

Women’s empowerment is an essential factor that works for the betterment and development of society, community, and country. Empowering women is making women realize their self-worth, their abilities to determine their own choice and shaping the society where women can enjoy their respect and rights just like other humans. 

In India It is believed that the problem with literacy, population, and health issues won’t solve until there’s any solution for the gender biasness so that women can take a free part in building a society and a community where everyone’s rights and demands will be paid attention to.

Being an NGO for women empowerment in India, ‘Organization for Social Impact & Assessment (OSIA) Trust’   has commenced executing programs and campaigns concerning women empowerment via education & other essential rights. Our target rotates around the empowerment of every single girl child so that when they join the level of evolving as an adult, they should be competent souls.