Azolla is a free-floating aquatic fern that has many benefits for agriculture.

Azolla has been used as a nitrogen fertilizer, feed for livestock, and in weed and mosquito control. Azolla also improves soil fertility 

Uses of Azola


Azolla fixes atmospheric nitrogen and stores it in its leaves. For example, some rice farmers have observed that cultivating Azolla in paddy farms can increase rice production by 20%.

Weed control

Azolla forms a thick layer on water surfaces that works as organic mulching, preventing weeds from growing and slowing water evaporation.

Mosquito control

Azolla restricts the mosquito breeding process.

Livestock feed

Azolla is a high-protein food that contains virtually all of the essential amino acids for animal nutrition, including lysine. Poultry ducks and chickens can all be fed a diet that includes fresh Azolla.

Methane reduction

Azolla also has other uses, including hydrogen and biogas production, in dental carries, in biodiesel production, and as a space diet

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